Problem:  Subtypes and domains in a feature class are not maintained when exported

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When exporting a feature class in ArcMap from the Table Of Contents, the subtypes and domains associated with the feature class are not maintained.

This is by design. When a feature class is exported from the Table Of Contents in ArcMap, the underlying geodatabase configuration is not carried forward with the feature class to the geodatabase.

A domain declares acceptable attribute values in fields. Attribute domains can be shared across subtypes, tables, and feature classes in a geodatabase. A value which is not in a domain is not accepted in a field.



Use the Feature Class To Feature Class tool to convert the feature class to a geodatabase feature class. The Feature Class To Feature Class tool maintains the domain and subtype settings.

1. Open ArcMap, and navigate to ArcToolbox > Conversion Tools > To Geodatabase > Feature Class to Feature Class.

2. Fill the parameters in the Feature Class to Feature Class dialog box, and click OK.

• Input Features: The feature class or feature layer to be converted.
• Output Location: Location for the output feature class.
• Output Feature Class: The name of the output feature class.

3. Right-click the new feature class in the Table Of Contents, and select Properties. Under the Subtypes tab, the subtypes and domain settings are retained.

  1. ArcGIS Help: Feature To Feature Class (Conversion)
  2. ArcGIS Help: A quick tour of attribute domains

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